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Go Digital with Buddy's Insurance Gateway.

Buddy is the Insurance Gateway for people who build software. Our tools are designed to make insurance easy to transact in digital contexts.

We've been honored by some great organizations and publishers along the way.

Digital Insurance

Don't want to wait months to digitize your insurance?

Buddy's Insurance Gateway gets insurance companies capitalizing on digital deals by turning 📜 into 💻 in days.


Upload your forms and rates

Submit an approved form and rating manual or just give us a SERFF filing number.


Answer a few quick questions

Tell us a bit about the product and the context in which you’d like to see it work for your company.


Buddy will ingest your product

You’ll see how Buddy’s Insurance Gateway makes transacting any insurance product inside of software simple.

Working with Buddy to embed insurance in The Forge's checkout process was incredibly simple, and our guests can now choose from contextually relevant ways to cover their experiences on-site.


Byron Bell -

General Manager at The Forge Lemont Quarries

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