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About Buddy

Buddy's founders come from backgrounds in marketing, technology, and insurance, but came together around a single mission: to build a more fearless society. After creating the world's first on-demand accident insurance and building the technology to make buying insurance simple, fast, and modern, they started to realize they were onto something bigger.

Working with companies that wanted to offer insurance to their customers, Buddy encountered stretched-thin tech teams, reluctant to take on another time-consuming integration that wasn't flexible and didn't scale.

Enter Buddy's universal insurance gateway—the simplest way for any company to offer insurance to their customers. Built for businesses but designed for developers, Buddy's single, forward-compatible connection enables you to offer and manage insurance without the costly drag on your team's time.

Buddy is building the future of embedded insurance to make it easier than ever for everyone to live a bit more fearlessly.

Contact Info

P.O. Box 81
Richmond, VA 23218-0081